Leipzig, the town full of life, full of history and tradition, full of music, rich in sights, witness of higher art and culture with excellent places of learning and remarkable museums, the town of Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Robert Schumann, the birthplace of Richard Wagner, town of music and musicians, town of publishers and writers, town of technology and science, town of the Battle of Leipzig, town of Art Nouveau , with its friendly squares, medieval yards and passages as well as the diverse architecture of its sacred and secular buildings, the green town of parks and avenues, the sportstown, the lively town with its streetcafes, restaurants and glittering shopping streets awaits you as its guests.

Discover and experience this town with me and enjoy its diversity and beauty. Humorous and entertaining imparting of sound information are the basis of my tours. Tours in the costume of Johann Sebastian Bach are a speciality of mine. As such I took part in the films “The Silence before Bach” (Spain 2007, Pere Portabella) and “living Bach - DEM HIMMEL SEHR NAH …” (”living Bach - Very Close to Heaven”…, Deutschland 2008, Tom Krausz).

I offer tours for travel groups (coach tours), as well as for companies, clubs, families and individuals. I would be happy to arrange a specially tailored programme for you, for your stay in Leipzig. My languages are German and English. Further information, as well as questions and bookings per contact form, e-mail (FranzSchuchart@webb.de), or telephone/fax (0049/341/8782317).

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